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Velcro Recovery Collar (L) Size 3 28-35cm
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Velcro Recovery Collar (L) Size 3 28-35cm


After any procedure that leaves your pet with stitches, it's important to keep their focus right away from the stitches. Using an E-Collar like this is the first step in diverting their attention.

E-Collars are harmless and stop your dog from licking or biting their healing wounds.

Do not leave the collar on for extended periods of time as this may cause undue stress on your dog. Ensure there's enough space around the collar when fastening it around your dog's neck. You should be able to fit three fingers comfortably in between their neck and the collar.


  • Large (Size 3)
  • 28-35cm neck
  • 13cm depth
Price: $33.99
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