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Petkin Plant Based Eye Wipes 80 pack
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Petkin Plant Based Eye Wipes 80 pack

Petkin Plant Based Eye Wipes 80 pack

Biobased & Sustainable Pet Eye Wipes for Dogs & Cats - Cleans Eye Area, Dirt & Tear Stains - Consciously Cleans & Conditions - Easy to Use - Unscented

• Petkin Plant-Based Eye Wipes For Dogs and Cats - These wipes are made with a thick and strong, USDA Certified Biobased fabric - NO synthetic materials used. So you can care for your pet while caring for the planet. Includes 1 pack of 80 wipes.

• Keep Your Pet's Eyes Clean and Healthy - Our gentle unscented formula removes dirt and discharge, and reduces tear stains around the eyes to prevent irritation that can cause infection. Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks.

• Consciously Cleans - These durable and sustainable plant-based wipes measure 17.8 x 12.7cm, providing you a safe and convenient way to keep your pet's entire eye area clean and healthy. The gentle formula will gradually reduce tear stains with repeated use.

• Easy to Use - Simply open the lid and pull one wipe from the center of the roll and thread it through the opening in the lid. Pull a wipe out and gently wipe around eye area until clean. Use a new clean wipe for each eye.

• Natural Ingredients For a Safe and Gentle Clean - Contains Gentle Cleanser and Aloe. Contains NO Parabens.
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