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Topflite Nectar Nourisher Kit
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Topflite Nectar Nourisher Kit

Topflite Nectar Nourisher Kit


Feed native NZ birds safely with Topflite’s purpose-designed Nectar Feeder. Expect visits from tūī, bellbird and waxeyes, if present.

New Zealand birds are quirky and colourful – and they also have unique feeding needs. We designed a Nectar Feeder that serves native garden birds safely, and is super easy to clean and refill.

This design keeps feathers and droppings well clear of food with its wide, thin perching ring and the red colour of the base mimics native flowers to help birds find it easily. A removable insect cap keeps bees from taking a dive and small feeding holes for fine, tapered beaks make sure it’s just tūī, bellbirds and waxeyes who are invited to feed.

Best of all, hygiene is made easy with a glass bottle and sturdy base that are both dishwasher safe.

  • Strong enough to handle a hefty tūī or three
  • Easy to use – just fill and screw on the base
  • Includes a sample size sachet of nectar
  • Attracts tūī, bellbirds and waxeyes, if present
  • Bee friendly

Set-up Instructions:  Unscrew the glass bottle and fill with water, sugar water or Topflite Wild Bird Nectar mix.  Screw into base firmly but gently.  Avoid over-tightening the bottle in the feeder base thread.  Best ratio for feeing is one part sugar or Topflite Wild Bird Nectar to four parts water.  Throw out any liquid not consumed after 3 days to avoid it fermenting.  Dirty bird feeders are a danger to bird populations as they can spread pathogens: thoroughly clean feeder with gentle soap and warm water before every refill, or run it through the dishwasher.

Feeding Guide: Place feeder high and out of predators’ reach but close to native trees and shrubs (where possible). Place near other wild bird food sources.  Larger native birds are more likely to visit a feeder already in use by their smaller feathered friends.  Where possible, plant native shrubs as long-term sources of natural nectar and berries.

Dimensions: 29cm x 25cm x 25cm

Price: $54.99
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