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Vaccine certificates are not required.



All the pets that feature on this page are animals that we have taken in to try and find their forever home.

Some are quite young whereas others may be getting on in years.

They have been surrendered to us for various reasons and have all been thoroughly vet checked. Many of them will have had extensive veterinary treatment since arriving with us and this will all be disclosed at the time of adoption.

They are all vaccinated, treated for internal, external parasites, de-sexed and microchipped where required. 

We make a huge effort to get to know each pet to understand their temperament, physical and psychological needs before we make them available for adoption. They are sometimes surrendered because they have special needs or little intricacies in their personalities so we do our best to identify these and let you know.

Each pet has a little story explaining the type of home that would suit them best.
In the case of cats, we often keep them in The Sanctuary Boarding Cattery while they await the perfect family. This provides them with just the right amount of interaction with other cats and means they have plenty of space and places to feel comfortable. It's also a great place for any prospective new family to come and meet the cats and get to know them in a safe and stress free environment.

Adoption fees range in price depending on the age, breed and species of animal. Please see instore for details if not listed below.

Cats and dogs are adopted with a pack that includes:
* A bag of premium dry food
* Cans or pouches of wet food
* Various vouchers for use in store
* Veterinary records
* Microchip records

If you would like to know what pets we currently have available instore, feel free to contact your nearest branch.

Dudley B. Landfish III

The types of animals we have available for adoption in our stores varies greatly at any given time.

From baby Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits to SPCA Kittens and adult Cats looking for their furever home, you will generally find what you are looking for at The Pet Centre.

We have many different types of Birds from ground dwelling Quails, Zebra Finches, Bengalese Finches and Canaries to mischievous Budgies, Cockatiels and gorgeous Lovebirds.

Demand for animal adoptions is high, so in some instances we will not have the particular animal you are looking for. Feel free to leave your contact details with us and we can add you to our animal waiting lists.

Our fish department is so varied and ever changing that we couldn't possibly list them all here.

From Goldfish to Guppies, Axolotls to Angelfish, we have something for every tank and every experience level. Our dedicated fish keepers are passionate about all aquatic life and are here to answer any questions you have.

Come and check out our two 1000L display tanks full of life, and make sure to ask about our local native fish hiding out in our cold-water plant tank.

Don't see something that you're after in store? Ask the fish keeper and we will do our best to bring it in for you.