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Trouble & Trix Cat Litter UltraScoop 10lt - Cat : The Pet Centre - Trouble & Trix Litter x xTrouble & Trix Cat Litter UltraScoop 10lt - Cat : The Pet Centre - Trouble & Trix Litter x x

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Trouble & Trix Cat Litter UltraScoop 10lt
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Trouble & Trix Cat Litter UltraScoop 10lt


Combining the power of carbon, baking soda and zoelite, Trouble & Trix Ultra-Scoop litter is the ultimate in odour control and ideal for multiple cats. The litter is long-lasting and convenient and fresh, with a light 'ocean breeze' fragrance. 

Key Benefits:

  • Carbon is highly absorbent and traps the odour
  • Baking soda neutralises strong urine odours
  • Zeolite absorbs liquid and urine odours
  • Forms soft scoopable clumps for convenient cleaning and reduced wastage
  • Fresh, light 'ocean breeze' fragrance

Bentonite Clay – Creates Scoopable Clumps
This natural bio-degradable clay litter locks in the liquid so it can’t escape and traps any ammonia urine
smells. It then clumps together at the top of the litter pile for convenient removal. Bentonite clumping litter
reduces litter wastage as you are only removing the formed litter clumps rather than the whole tray.
The current Trouble & Trix Scoopable Litter variants all use bentonite clumping clay.

Carbon – Traps Odours
Activated carbon (or activated charcoal) is highly absorbent. It is sometimes used in litter box filters and
trays to absorb the odour and control smells. The pores on carbon trap odours as they pass through the
surface area of the carbon. As the carbon is in amongst the litter, it is very effective at eliminating smells.

Baking Soda – Neutralises Urine Odours
Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), aside from home baking, has hundreds of cleaning uses e.g. toothpastes,
deodorants, soothing itchy bites etc. Baking soda is alkaline and the molecules that create the scent of cat
urine are acidic. When baking soda's alkaline molecules come in contact with cat urine's acidic molecules,
they neutralise each other. Baking soda deodorises cat urine and many other smells.

Zeolite – Absorbs Liquid and Urine Odours
Zeolite is a mineral that is extremely absorbent. It traps ammonia (which is what causes urine to smell) and
liquid. Zeolite prevents ammonia in urine from converting into ammonia gas (urine smell). It creates
minimal dust and is lighter weight than other clumping clays.

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