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MULTIBUY Millet Spray 10pk 2 for $10
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Millet 10

MULTIBUY Millet Spray 10pk 2 for $10

Code:KIT Millet 10
MULTIBUY Millet Spray 10pk 2 for $10

Normally $6 each.

Birds will pick at plump strands of millet, making a fine-grained mess of hulls in the vicinity. Clips can easily add a sprig of millet to the side of a cage. Some millet spray holders suspend from the ceiling, helping to cut down on waste. Put near a perch so your bird has a comfortable seat for eating. You can lay millet across the floor of a cage for ease of munching and contained mess, but this leaves the spray open to getting soiled by droppings from above. If you have a group of birds out of their cages for playtime, put a millet spray on a paper plate or a baking dish to let everyone come together for a treat. Cut into pieces if your flock is prone to fight over a treat.

When to feed...

If you have a bowl of nutritious pellets or a plump spray of millet in the cage, you'll often find that the daily diet will get ignored for the millet. Make sure that your bird is eating its regular food before supplementing with a millet treat. The caloric content makes this a good choice for birds who have been stressed, such as soaked millet for weaning birds and ones who have undergone trips to the vet or a molt. If you have a bird sitting on eggs, even infertile ones, and you're worried about whether she's getting the calories she needs, lay a spray of millet within reach of her beak.

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